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Real Life Love
“This is an amazing opportunity. Why aren’t you taking it?”
“Because it means I can’t be with you, and you are the most important thing in my life. Besides I can compose anywhere.”
“Yes, but this opportunity isn’t anywhere, it’s in LA.”
“It means that I have to be away from you for two or more years, so I am not going to take it.”
“Your music has really taken off here, but it’s time to move onto the next step. You’re not going to get anywhere in the Bay Area.”
“Look: you are all I need, I don’t need this program. So let’s just leave it.”
I shook my head, but bit my tongue. I love this man, but sometimes I hate the fact that all he needs is me. He got up from the couch, crossed the room to where I was standing, kissed my forehead softly, and then moved to the piano to figure out the last couple of measures to his new song. He is unbelievably talented, but will never al
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The Impact of Small Stories
The memories I have of my mom during my first half of grade school are dominated by her entangled in the sheets of the huge bed that she shared with no one except for me when a night terror struck. In that bed she would sleep, or sob, or blankly stare at the cop drama that played on the TV; at that time in our lives she was an insufficiently treated suicidal manic bipolar depressant. To my recollection during her “dark days”, which that time period is now referred to in my family, she was mostly nonfunctional, which just meant that she stayed imprisoned in those sheets; however, sometimes she would be functional and would come down to the kitchen, or living room, or backyard with my brother, sister, and me. Even more rarely I would be the only one of the children in the large house and I would get to savor this miraculous awakening all by myself. On those rare occasions my mom would fondly look back on her teenage years where she would bravely ride almost wild Arabian horse
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A Pokemon Microstory
There once was a man named Geoff, who owned and trained Geodudes. Because "geo". Once day Geoff brought his team of Geodudes to the water gym and kept losing. He didn't know why. The old lady in the house next door said, "Its because rock sucks balls against water." So Geoff went off and got a Ponyta. Which was quite a mystery since there were no fire pokemon around the gym to catch, so no one new where the hell he got it. So he went back into the gym with his team of Ponyta and Geodudes and lost again. He asked the gym leader why he lost and he said, "Its because fire and rock are my bitch, stupid." So Geoff leveled up his pokemon to level 100, kicked ass at the gym, and  laughed in the leader's face. He was happy for the rest of his life and got all the sexy babes. The end.
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Valentino: a Sonnet
His strong body and kind eyes will forever be tattooed onto the back of my eyelids
His natural movement has infused itself into the life sustaining beat of my heart
The way he maneuvers through every obstacle presented makes everything as simple as a grid
The love between the two of us is intense enough to make a still beat restart
Thick golden ropes of trust bind us together in an inseparable pair
For not even a handsome and lusty boy can worm his way in between us
Speed is pumped through his muscular legs which allow the two of us to fly into the air
Others stop and ask me why I pour all of my time into him thus
Every time I try to explain but no one can fully understand the connection
They will say that they comprehend when really the outsiders have no idea
Most of the world will look at how the two of us work and never realize the perfection
Our pairing is glorious and songs should be written so that they can replace all Ave Marias
But the real twist in this story of ours is for th
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Get over yourself.
Those words have been said to
Me many a time, and repeated
In my own off toned voice.
What do these three words mean?
What action is expected to follow?
I have gotten over myself. I
No longer view myself as a
Brilliant gifted individual with a boat
Load of potential and overwhelming success.
The praise has been heard enough.
Nor do I think that I
Am a failure, or someone to
Disappear into the woodwork of society.
I am not the stereotypical teenager
Full of eternal angst and hatred.
I’m simply over myself and my “greatness”
Or my “follies”.  I am content.
I know who I am. Thus why
Are adjectives pinned onto me? No
Description needed. I am aware.
This isn’t a protest on categorization.
No whiny plea for your pity.
Not outreaching to those searching inside.
Nix the theory about me boasting.
It is a passive public statement.
I am over myself.
:iconbrave-wolverine:Brave-Wolverine 15 0
What Needs to be Done
The cop sat me down and gave me a look of pity; I knew he was thinking ‘oh what has happened to our youth today?’ It drove me crazy. I didn’t ask for the events leading up to my crime to happen, they just did because that is how life fucking works. Even the best of us get shit for nothing at all; it is all we can do to retaliate. “Why did you do it, son?” said the cop, he was trying to coax the answer out of me. I tightened my jaw and tightened the two handed fist that I had laying on the table. The two of us sat there in that interrogation room just like that for about another fifteen minutes. The cop finally let out a sigh. The metal legs of the chair squealed against the linoleum floor and the door knob protested slightly as the door creaked.
“It started with the development company.” I said, and then looked up to the surprised cop, “Well leaving in the middle of a story is rude, sit back down.” I said with a smirk while r
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Home and Heart's with the Horse
I pushed my large steed into an extended stride, the thunder under us became louder and the rolls further apart. The log came in front of us, as I pulled up my body he balanced his power onto his back legs. We soared over the log effortlessly, landing lightly on the other side and I ushered him forward along the long side of the fence line. Valentino and I had done it; we had out run the wind, pride and confidence swelled in our entire being. He came to a walk the second I tightened my abs and thighs, I collapsed onto his neck rubbing it enthusiastically while singing praises into his ear. “Good job Katie; Valentino has a lot of confidence in you now.” My instructor said happily while patting Valentino’s neck.
This love of horses was born in me the instant I had set my eyes on one in a picture book. My mom patiently told me what horses were while telling me stories about how when she was a teenager she would ride these spirited Arabians across open plains at high spee
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Four long years
Four long years ago,
That is the last
Time I saw your
Familiar and handsome face.
Four very long years,
Since I last heard
Your smooth calming voice.
I heard it again.
Four grueling long years,
But today as your
Greatest fear stood with
Me on his back,
Despite four long years,
I was able to
Hear it again. Reciting
Its simply motivational maxim:
"I know you have it in you."
With new found heart
I seize the reins.
I take in my
Deep breaths and stop.
With two unexpected rears
The four long years
Came rushing back ensconced
It those seven words.
"I know you have it in you."
That one of a
Kind voice that moves
Me to tears of
Joy and extreme longing.
Four dreadfully long years
Without you in my
Life is put to
Rest by that voice.
"I know you have it in you."
:iconbrave-wolverine:Brave-Wolverine 4 0
Feral Child
Not a lot of people know my story, so consider yourself privileged to hear it. Or unfortunate, for I have been told that my life up to this point has been heartbreaking and inhumane. Although for me I just consider my life, it has happened and now it's trapped in the past. Nevertheless my story starts identical to everyone else's; with my parents.
The air was always thick with this hypnotic smoke up in my old and musty environment. The effect on me was much like the effect on bees when they are smoked out of their hive; I slowly stumbled about the rough and splintered floor. At some points the smoke was so thick that I couldn't see more than an arm's length in front of me. My food was given to me in very spread out times, later I found out that I would only get food every other day, but at the time I didn't even know what a day was. All I know is that a small door would open up and food would be carelessly tossed across the floor. Never did I see what delivered the food; never did I se
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The Clock
Tick. Tick. Tick.
Never ending
Always present
Tick. Tick. Tick.
The hands keep circling
The gears keep turning
The noise still sounds
Its ceaseless syllable yells
Tick. Tick. Tick.
The white face bright
On my tired eyelids
The black numbers smirking
At the lost moments
Tick. Tick. Tick.
The clock running my
Life always depending on
Its position and what
Action's at that time
Tick. Tick. Tick.
Controlled by a simple
Machine that is nothing
More than metal and
Springs that proves harsh
Tick. Tick. Tick.
Now what if the
Clock is stopped cold?
What beat would conduct
My directionless life blood?
Tick. Tick. Tick.
Would I then be
Free of all the
Pressure to be perfect?
Released into true freedom…?
Tick. Tick. Tick.
Tick. Tick. Ti-
Freedom with the
Simple action of halting
An artificial rhythm that
Has taken over humanity.
:iconbrave-wolverine:Brave-Wolverine 8 13
Chain link….? Why did this rumored high security hell hole have chain link? The orange letter blared loudly against their black back ground. Not once have I ever taken the instructions "No Trespassing" seriously. Today will be no exception. I swipe at the cold sweat under my bangs and wiped my now moist hands on my jean's legs. I wedge the toe of my riding boot into one of the silver rhombuses, laced my fingers into two more and heaved up, quickly putting my other boot into a small space. Free my hands from a wire crossing and place it higher, free the feet and place bring them up. I go like that for twenty feet before reaching the barbed wire, I looked out into the fields where about seven of my friends paced nervously. I reach down into my front pocket and pulled out some fabric strips, bearing my weight, thus my balance, into the fence I tied them neatly to the small, rusty protrusions.  I got to the top, swung one leg over, then the other, climbed down half way befor
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My work...some are good, most are okay. My literature is something that I am somewhat proud of. My photography gets good after I get the new camera. So I hope you like it! And if you don't, oh well.


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This is mostly just to get a different journal entry displayed.

Why do little kids say the first thing that pops into their head? Like one girl who I was in charge of at camp told me that I couldn't say "hi" ever again. Which is a weird thing to say, especially with no back up.

Why do high school kids feel like drinking or doing drugs? I mean my town as so small and type A that it is weird how common drug and alcohol use is for kids who want to go to Harvard.

How are dogs and cats able to fall asleep in about four seconds flat? I am so jealous.

Who thought to create sound amplification and editing equipment? Like actually there is no survival usage to these gadgets. Don't get me wrong I love them since I am a sound designer and have been for like two or three years, but really, weird thing to create.

Who falls in love with people that they have never met online? Its been a Catfish marathon on MTV.

Why are mothers who have children in competitive sports all crazy? The exception of the rule are equestrian mothers.

How can some people be so god damn busy all the time? I have actually found someone more busy than me, or so they say which is a total lie.

Oh and I get to go work with US eventing team coaches for three days, its going to be awesome to show them what Valentino and I can do. I get private dressage lessons and small group show jumping and cross country lessons. I leave tomorrow, and I am super stoked.

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I am a ginger.
That's not enough huh?
ANYWAY I am also an equestrian, as you can see from my picture, and the Sound Design Master for Acme Theatre Company. I write stuff and am a photographer.
I'm sure if you talked to my friends they would tell you that I am insanely sarcastic person that is flat out weird. They are right.
So anyway, have fun looking at my gallery, I hope my gingerness doesn't scare you away.



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